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Quran Rehel | Adjustable Stand

Quran Rehel | Adjustable Stand

Types of Quran Rehel

There are many types of the Quran Rehel
rehel of wood

Rehel made of plastic

Rehel made of aluminium

There is another type of rehel
Which you can adjust to your liking
Besides that There is another rehel By placing the Quran on it Easy to read
There is another type of rehel Which is also adjustable
That is, you can open and close it from top to bottom and from bottom to top without any difficulty

Benefits of the Qur’an rehel

One of the benefits of the Qur’an rehel
That you should dedicate mosques and madrasas for the pleasure of Allah from which many people can benefit.
This is the benefit of this world and the hereafter
Sometimes you find it comfortable to read the Quran on your rehel instead of holding it in your hand.
A piece of wood is applied on the underside of the rehel, which reduces the chances of the rehel breaking

Use of Quran Rehel

You can use Quran Rehel in mosque, madrassa and home
Students can also use the Qur’an rehel instead of a decs or tripod for their reading.
The Qur’an Rehel is very useful for older men to read

The Qur’an rehel is better in iron, wood or aluminium


You may be aware that iron

products such as Desk tripods, rehel, etc., become rusty And they get worse quickly
Your hands get dirty due to rust Rust is harmful also to health
In contrast, wood is a natural thing
Everything made of wood is durable, beautiful and useful The wood is not bad, it does not rust
So it is more beneficial to make the rehl of the quran in wood instead of iron or aluminum
And can give better results
Most people use paint to beautify rehel quran or wood paint does not reflect the beauty of wood, while Polish has these qualit

Reasons to buy Quran rehl from us

We use pure wood Any material made IN woodakh You will see the strength in it
Quran Rehl to you to buy
You can also order from woodakh Because woodakh delivers your order on time
Many other items besides rehl such as furniture, decs, tables, chairs So you can contact woodakh for everything

need for rehl quran


The Holy Quran is a respected and organized book Whose honor and respect is the responsibility of every servant
In view of this need, protect of Quran is, it is placed in the rehl to prevent falling
Now a days, the use of rehl has increased You will find this rehl in large numbers in mosques and madrassas
And the rehl is suitable for reciting the Holy Quran Our design is the most unique


Gift of the Qurn rehel

You can gift Quran rehel to your relatives You can also provide a student to read
We gift each other a lot of things The best idea is to Why not Give the Quran rehl as a gift
In which both worlds benefit

If you too are looking to build quality rehal, woodakh is here to help.
Contact woodakh
Make your dreams come true

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