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Arbitration Claim Form Fees

An invoice reflects the charges incurred during the billing period of the invoice and does not take into account fees or payments made during a previous period. When filing a declaration of claim, the applicant must pay a filing fee. Filing fees are based on the total amount of your claim, including punitive and triple damages, but excluding interest, attorneys` fees, and expenses. Please refer to the fee schedule of Rule 12900 of the Code of Arbitration Procedure for Disputes with Clients and Rule 13900 of the Code of Arbitration Procedure for Industry Disputes. In signing the submission agreement, the parties or their representatives stated that they had read FINRA`s procedures and rules with respect to arbitration and that the parties had agreed to be bound by those procedures and rules. A non-refundable dispute fee will be charged to any Member who is a party to the arbitration at the time the lists of arbitrators are sent to the parties. FINRA charged you this fee because employees created lists of referrers and sent them to you. This fee is set even if there are no hearings in a case. The ICSID Secretariat pays claims as soon as they are received, provided that there is money in the case`s account. Payment is made by bank transfer to a specified bank account. Costs and expenses may not exceed the amounts indicated in the memorandum and the schedule of fees. A request for a higher amount due to special circumstances must be submitted through the Secretary-General and approved by the parties to the dispute (paragraph 1 of the Administrative and Financial Regulations 14).

The Centre regularly requests the parties to the proceedings to make advances to cover the costs of the proceedings (Administrative and Financial Regulation 14(3)). Advances shall be estimated in consultation with the President of the Court of First Instance, the Commission or the ad hoc committee, taking into account the estimated costs for the next three to six months. Detailed interim accounts shall be annexed to any request for advances and may be submitted to the parties or to the court, the Commission or the ad hoc committee at any time upon request. ICSID will provide the parties with a financial report at the end of the proceedings, which will include a breakdown of the fees and expenses of each arbitrator, arbitrator or committee member. If a party notifies FINRA more than 10 calendar days prior to a scheduled hearing that the matter has been settled or withdrawn, FINRA will reimburse the filing fee in part less any fees or charges owed by that party. All refunds will be paid directly to the named parties, even if a non-party has made the payment on behalf of the named parties. FINRA typically issues refunds 45 to 60 days after the closing date of a case. For more information on the reimbursement of filing fees, see Rule 12900(c) and Rule 12902(e) of the Code of Arbitration Procedures for Disputes with Customers and Rule 13900(c) and Rule 13902(e) of the Code of Arbitration Procedure for Industry Disputes. A fee and expense claim form must be submitted to ICSID on a quarterly or more frequent basis.

Regular billing is important to ensure an accurate state of finances. The Secretariat has developed general instructions to assist arbitrators, arbitrators and members of ad hoc committees in completing and submitting an application form. A bank statement is a record of all transactions that have taken place on your account. Bank statements include all invoices as well as payments and all other activities. You will receive a bank statement (with a complete list of all your fees, credits and payments) within 30 days of completing your file. You will also receive a bank statement if there is an outstanding balance for more than 30 days. The parties may request a bank statement at any time during the course of the case. Applications must be sent by email. FINRA will not issue a refund if finra is notified within 10 calendar days of a scheduled hearing that a claim will be settled or withdrawn. This will appear on your invoice as a retained registration fee.

All complaints must be submitted via the DR portal (with the exception of complaints from pro-se customers). If you are a pro-se client (an investor who represents you) and do not wish to use the DR Portal, you must submit your claim and other related documents to the New York office. The address of the New York office is as follows: Filing fees for counterclaims, counterclaims or third party claims can also be paid by check or money order to “FINRA” and must be sent to the regional dispute resolution office that handles the case. Please write on the verification the name of the party filing the counterclaim, cross-claim or third-party claim and file number. In addition to filing fees and adjournment fees, the majority of arbitration fees will be determined when FINRA closes the case. .

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