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Agreement Sliding Scale

“Co-Pay Clinics: An Option for Affordable Legal Services” in Reinventing the Practice of Law This chapter examines non-profit and sliding co-payment clinics that have a proven track record of providing legal services at a fee to low- and middle-income populations. Directory of non-profit law firms, many of which evaluate their services on a sliding scale. Visit each company`s respective page to find specific examples of fee plans. White Paper on Alternative Litigation Financing filed with the ABA House of Delegates (ABA Ethics Committee 20/20, December 27, 2011) Marketing Alternative Fee Arrangements (ABA Law Practice Magazine, September/October 2011) Compensation Models: Moving Away from the Billable Hour (PowerPoint slides by Trevor Clarke, Director, Chicago Bar Foundation Justice Entrepreneurs Project) “Dollars and Sense: Fee Shifting » in Reinventing the Practice of Law How is it, to manage a firm where you do not overload your clients? Some lawyers rely on fee changes to expand access to those who otherwise would not be able to afford legal services. Show Me the Bill: Alternatives to the Hourly Rate (Michigan Bar Journal, Juni 2017) How community law firms can improve access to civil legal services (The Iowa Lawyer, Oktober 2016) Pricing Toolkit for attorneys seeking to serve low- and moderate-income clients (Chicago Bar foundation and Justice Entrepreneuers Project, 2016) Un cabinet d’avocats à but non lucratif comble l’écart entre l’abordabilité, pro bono (Charleston Regional Business Journal, 27. Avril 2018) Vier Alternativen zur stundenweisen Abrechnung für kleine Unternehmen (The Missouri Bar) umfassen alternative Gebührenvereinbarungen; Kill the Billable Hour (Commission sur le professionnalisme de la Cour suprême de l’Illinois, 27. Avril 2017) Praxistipps: Stimulierung des Wachstums mit alternativen Gebührenvereinbarungen (Barreau de l’État du Wisconsin Wisconsin Lawyer, März 2010) Alternative Gebührenregelungen: Eine Einführung American Bar Association, 23. Juni 2013) Die abrechenbare Stunde ist tot. Lang lebe. ? (ABA Solo, Division des petits cabinets et de la médecine générale GPSOLO, janvier/février 2013) What Is, and Is Not, an Alternative Fee Arrangement (ABA Law Technology Today, 10 décembre 2014) ABA Commission on Billable Hours Report (2001-2002) Ethical Considerations in Flat Fee Arrangements (Wyoming Lawyer Magazine, février 2016) The Low Down on Low Bono: Identifying a Need and Starting up a Nonprofit Organization (The PSJD Blog, 20. Avril 2015). . .


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